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Just buy a Mac, dammit

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I think that as of late, capitalism as we know it has been showing its age; most visibly in this whole corporate-scandal thing, and the post-9/11 reexamination of America’s position in the world. But also, at work. Here’s the thing: Apple makes superior products to almost any other computer company, yet we can’t gain market share. There’s something wrong with that, you know? People won’t just buy the superior thing; they stick with what they know. Does capitalism allow for that?

Must poop dog. One moment.

There’s something nice about walking outside in your socks. Just the fact that you’re too wound down to put your shoes on adds, pleasantly, to the wound-down-ness. Tonight my feet ended up a little cold, but it wasn’t so bad – not having shoes on was worth it.

Hmm. I didn’t really have anything important to say tonight. Just wanted to type, I suppose. I suppose it belies my generation that typing is at least as relazing as writing. You just miss out on the whole handwriting thing.

Argh – out of milk!


Written by Kevin Miller

January 8, 2003 at 12:38 am

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