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Where is my day planner??!!!

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And why is neither “despondent” nor “panicked” a word in the emotions list? And what the hell does exanimate mean??

Other than the missing day planner, which contains virtually irreplaceable bits of paper from years back in addition to my checkbook, my current crisis is figuring out what to do with my mornings. See, I don’t work until 10:30, which leaves me with the potential for a couple of productive daytime hours before heading in for another fun day of tech support. But it’s the same routine: every morning I wake up around 8, decide I have nothing important to do, and snooze for another hour or so.

Is this a bad thing? Do I need another hobby to wake me up? Working out, maybe? I hate the idea of burning daylight, especially when it’s nighttime by the time I leave work. Hmph. AND I have to edit these papers for a Japanese exchange student named Rie. At least I’m pulling $2.50 a page.


Written by Kevin Miller

January 9, 2003 at 9:52 am

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