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Been chasing the dog around

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Lola and I have this figure-eight that we follow through the living and dining room; around the dining table in one direction, then around the coffee table in the other. Can’t reverse course or we’ll careen into each other on Lola’s next pass. Actually my route is something of a simple back-and-forth, just enough to make Lola THINK she’s being followed the whole time.

Starting to get the idea of this whole Weblog concept; each of us, as spoiled Americans, has every day thoughts – perhaps several, perhaps hundreds – that we would LOVE to share with the world. Maybe a funny joke that only we heard. Maybe a selfish bit of introspection or philosophy that most people wouldn’t bring up in standard party conversation.

Either way, we’re stuck with these things; the dorkier, less socially adept people will find ways to awkwardly slide them into conversations where they don’t really flow. I remember Zach Ritter, in 8th grade English class, would occasionally repeat jokes aloud if he didn’t think the first go-round got enough of a response. It’s like the grown-up version of that.

I won’t bore the nonexistent readers with an example of my own; too tired for that. I’m just saying this: the Weblog is the perfect venue for this shit. The place where we can spout off things that anyone COULD read, even if nobody actually DOES read them. That doesn’t quite matter. It’s a diary as performance art, even if we’re playing to an empty house. Turns the whole thing into a sport.

Ready, hike.


Written by Kevin Miller

January 15, 2003 at 1:04 am

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