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What odd things eyebrows are.

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Humans in general aren’t the model of sensical design. Efficient, I guess – after all we can use complex tools and play football – but what is up with those eyebrows? Isn’t there a better way to keep rain out of one’s eyes? And what is so cool about standing upright? Give me extendable necks any day of the week, pal.

So I realized with a shock that I’m in the middle of a 14-day string of work days. Last Sunday I did 8 hours of overtime; yesterday and today it was four more hours each; next Saturday I volunteered to switch with a guy in exchange for the following Thursday. Oy. The good news is I’m holding up alright, especially since overtime is rather easy to justify. Here’s my mental exercise: at 12 bucks an hour, before taxes, I’m earning the equivalent of one penny every three seconds. So I imagine someone standing by my desk the whole time I’m there and tossing a penny into my jar: clink…clink…clink… When I’m working overtime, it’s a penny every TWO seconds. clink clink clink. Even more satisfying, especially when a customer hangs up on me at the getting-the-serial-number part of the call, as one did today.

I take that back. I’d rather have them hang up than trudge my way through a bad-attitude sort of call. I’ve been miraculously blessed with a dearth of pissy customers, and I’d just as soon keep that streak going. Now if I could just figure out Airport and DSL.

Reading about D-Day. Wishing for a bit of moral certitude, as the boys did on the beaches of Normandy (us good, them bad). This is probably why I’m developing this informal World War II phase; modern life is just too damn confusing. …But then, seeing as how terrible war really is, I suppose sitting in bed with my dog and a laptop is well worth the confusion.


Written by Kevin Miller

January 20, 2003 at 12:45 am

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