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Every time I come up with a mood it’s always something that’s not in the vast LiveJournal database. I settled on “nervous” but it’s more “jittery”. I feel like I just drained a 20-ounce Dr. Pepper, which wouldn’t be out of character for me, only I didn’t.

I guess a lot of little things have happened thus far today; I got ready for work in record time, so I laid down for a nice 15-minute nap on the couch before lazily waltzing out the door… only my eyes shot open at 8:13, leaving me 17 minutes to make the 18-minute drive to work. I speed-racered my way, willing the lights to turn green, and sat in my cube with time to spare. What a bad-ass.

Almost immediately, the word started running around that Apple’s stock is soaring past its 52-week high, to $27.

$27! When I bought my AAPL two years ago, I swore I would sell at 27. So I cracked open between calls and dumped all 35 shares for a cozy profit of $500. Also very exciting.

Maybe I’m just on a bit of sensory overload this morning, what with the mad-cap drive to work and stock sale, not to mention the average craziness of a Friday in the tech support biz. At any rate I feel like dipping into a sensory-deprivation chamber for a few minutes. And just last night I read a great article in Texas Monthly about a yuppie Austinite spending a week alone in the BFE end of Big Bend National Park. Man, now that’s an idea.

I’m not totally off the ball, though; my vague plans to visit Australia in spring 2007 are coming into much better focus; so much better focus, in fact, that I’m wondering if I shouldn’t bump the whole operation to spring 2006. (No sooner than that, though – I’ve got a lot of money to save up.) My arbitrarily-defined time frame of one month, it turns out, will probably allow me a lot more travelling than I thought, so much so that I’m sure the money will run out first. Could I fit New Zealand into the trip? India, even? Here’s my hypothetical rundown:

Day 1 – London
Day 3 – Delhi
(visit various sites in India)
Day 10 – Kuala Lampur
Day 12 – Darwin
(take the Ghan train thru the Outback)
Day 16 – Adelaide
Day 18 – Melbourne
Day 21 – Sydney
Day 24 – Wellington
(wander randomly around NZ)
Day 28 – Back to the US

Pretty sweet, eh? Odds of death, relatively high; odds of personal bankruptcy, even higher. Can I do all that for $5,000? I think I could–maybe? Hmm. At least I have a backpack and a sleeping bag. Thanks, Chris.

Still jittery. 20 minutes til lunch. Maybe a nice frozen entree will settle me down.


Written by Kevin Miller

March 5, 2004 at 11:34 am

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