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Ireland, Part 1: The Mission

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Only with no Ice T.

Quick intro, for those not in the loop: I’m visiting our work call center in Cork, Ireland for two weeks as part of a big call-center-agent-training project that I’m kinda responsible for. Yes, I have indeed earned the ire of many coworkers who discovered I got a free trip to Ireland just to *observe* training. Mary Beth, immediately upon hearing of my trip, announced she was coming along too.

K: “Well, you know I’m just going to be working all day, right?”
MB: [cheerful] “Oh that’s okay!”

So we’ll see how many euros she spends on Guinness- and potato-themed trinkets during my workday.

'You know we can get these at home, dear.'

We’ve flown to Ireland a bit early, leaving DFW on Friday afternoon and landing in Cork on Saturday morning, so we’ll have most of a weekend before I report to the work site on Monday. We’ll see what Cork nightlife has to offer during the week.

The second weekend, we’re taking our rental along the windy Irish roads to the western coast, staying in a fancy B&B near Galway and hopefully taking lots of pretty pictures with my rented wide-angle lens (click if you’re a photo nerd).

Back to DFW on the afternoon of Saturday, August 7th. Fun fact: we’re supposed to go to a wedding near DFW that very same evening, which starts at 8 pm, which will feel like 2 am to us. Yaay sleep-deprived nuptials!

That’s the executive summary. Hopefully I’ll be shortly posting many pictures of Guinness pints, Colin Farrell sightings, and gloomy cloudy rainy days. Stay tuned.


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July 24, 2010 at 2:20 pm

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